Biography on loved ones

Quick Overview

Work with qualified writers associated with the Uber Dreams team, who truly understand your story. To know more, click on the “Enquire Now” option below or call us on +91 8080 540000.

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Valid For: Individual
Location: All locations in India
Pass on your or a loved one’s legacy in the form of a biography. Work with qualified writers associated with Uber Dreams, who truly understand your story. Writing a memoir is an unfulfilled dream for many, so grab this opportunity to pen down your story for future generations to relive. 

Details of this Experience:

1. The biography will be up to 100 pages of 300 words per page (English & Hindi).
2. The biography can be either Hardcover or Paperback.
3. The memoir can include photographs, which will have to be provided by the user in advance. These will not be included in the 100 pages of written content.
4. It is recommended that the user suggests 3 other people, with whom the Uber Dreams' Ghost Writers can interact with for different perspectives.
5. The memoir will be delivered within 45 days after the first interaction between the Uber Dreams Ghost Writer and the customer, with consistent interaction in between.

Cover Specs:

A) Paper back with lamination on 250gsm art board.
B) Hard bound cover with a jacket. Cover of 170gsm art paper with lamination.
C) Printing text (front and back) in black.
D) For the cover, 4 colour options will be available.
E) Resolution of 300 pixels for a 4 colour cover.
1. On placing the order, Uber Dreams Concierge will get in touch with the customer and provide an e-voucher for confirming the booking.
2. Uber Dreams Ghost Writer would then get in touch with the customer.
3. The customer will first connect with the writer over a phone call (first interaction). Post that, the customer is sent a questionnaire to be filled.
4. Subsequently, the customer will be given a table of contents for a sign off.
5. The customer will also have to sign off the first 2-3 chapters after completion, on the basis of which, the tonality and flow of book will be ascertained.
6. After this, a total of 4 chapters will be sent to the customer for sign off.
7. In case the customer is not content with the chapters, a new writer will be allocated.
8. The customer will be given a period of 24 hours for reviewing the content, except for the final revision. Failing to do so, there will be no guarantee of the completion of project within 45 days.
9. One revision of the content is allowed at every stage, and on the final draft of the book.
10. The aesthetics of the cover page will be discussed with the customer and then designed.
11. Finally, 5 hard copies of the book will be given to the customer.
1. Any cancellation done before the first interaction, the amount will be refunded after deducting a cancellation charge of 10% of the Voucher amount.
2. No refund will be made in the event of any cancellation done after the first interaction.