Introduction to scuba diving - curated by anees adenwala

Quick Overview

This summer, don't let the sun play spoil sport. Hit the waters to learn Scuba Diving!! Learn and get tips from the Aqua-man, Anees Adenwala, and his team of instructors!! To know more, click on the “Enquire Now” option below or call us on +91 8080 540000.

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Valid For: Individual
Location: Mumbai
The sport of SCUBA diving is one of the most exciting and fascinating adventure activities. It not only allows you to explore a part of our planet, generally beyond our reach, but also to admire and understand a completely new world of fish, reefs and plants, the likes of which are never seen on dry land.

Explore the oceans and discover the amazing world of colourful reefs, vibrant marine life and experience the beauty of our planet in its element. Uber Dreams welcomes you to the diving fraternity of India.

Details of the Experience:
1. This would be the basic introduction to the sport where beginners are able to understand and experience the essence of SCUBA Diving.
2. The Experience would take place in a swimming pool. The location would be in Mumbai.
3. The duration of the course would be for 1 day.
4. At the end of the course, the students would have complete knowledge and experience skills to:
          - Flood and clear the mask.
          - Removal and retrival of the mouth piece.
          - Finning techniques.
          - Buoyance control.
          - Hovering techniques.
5. The course will include a mixture of learning, along with fun and games under water.
6. At the end of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion of the course in introductory Scuba Diving.
7. Students will have the opportunity to interact with Aquaman himself, Anees Adenwala, and get tips and learn techniques on Scuba Diving.
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1. Since swimming and scuba diving is a weather dependent sport and hence if weather isn’t right, Uber Dreams will reschedule the event and will ensure customer gets the best learning Experience according to his/her availability.
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