Get one-on-one fencing coaching from national-level champion & contest for your state!!

Quick Overview

Ever wanted to play for Team India? This is your chance to have a proud moment and play for your State in India's latest upcoming sport, Fencing!! Get one-on-one coaching from a former National champion and get certified by the State. To know more about this Experience, click on the "Enquire Now" option below or call us on +91 8080 540000.

45000 /-
Valid For: Individual
Location: Bengaluru
Get One-on-one coaching sessions from National-Level Fencing Champion, Mr. Lohith Vijay and get a sure-shot chance to contest in the State-Level try outs!!

Uber Dreams, in Association with EnGarde Sports Management gives you an opportunity to get a certificate from your State!! Frame it, hang it or even use it to get a seat under the "Sports Quota" in your dream university!!

Details of the Experience:
1. One-on-one coaching session.
2. The coaching sessions can be spread over a period of 1 month.
3. A total of 8-10 coaching lessons will be given to the participant. These sessions will be an approximate time of one and a half hours.
4. Participants between the ages of 7-55 years old may take part.
5. During the sessions, the participants can take photographs/videos of the session if they wish.
6. At the end of the coaching session, the participant will be given a certificate from EnGarde Sports Managemenent. The participant will also be given an opportunity to contest for the State-Level try outs. Depending on the performance, the participant can move on to the next round. The participant will be given a certificate from the State, to show their appearance in this sport.

Very Important:
1. Please avoid practise immediately after taking food. Leave at least 1-2 hours gap so that you enjoy the Experience thoroughly.
2. We recommend participants with heart ailment and epilepsy to consult medical advice to take part in this Experience.
3. Due to the physical nature of the coaching sessions, pregnant women cannot take part in this Experience.
4. The participants should be in a condition to do normal activities such as running, jogging and jumping.

What to Wear:
You will need to wear T-shirts, track-pants and running shoes. The Fencing gear; Standard mask, Collegiate glove, Back-zip cotton jacket and Foil weapon will be provided by the coach.
1. The Customer can place an Enquiry for obtaining the one-on-one Coaching Services for Fencing on
2. On receiving the Enquiry, the Uber Dreams Concierge shall contact the Customer to obtain all required information such as the date for availing the Experiences, medical history, etc...
3. Subsequently, the Customer can directly purchase the Experience. Once the order is placed, the Uber Dreams Concierge would get in touch with the Customer and send a booking voucher to confirm the Experience.
4. The Concierge would send the Customer details to the Partner.
5. The Uber Dreams Partner will liaise with the Customer to understand the availability of both parties over the next month, to ensure personalised coaching is given to the Customer.
6. The voucher needs to be presented to the Coach who will provide the Experience on the confirmed dates of service delivery.
7. On completion of the coaching sessions, the Customer will be given to opportunity to contest in the State-Level try outs. Depending on the performance of the fight, the Customer may/may not proceed to the next round.
1. No refunds are offered for No-show/Non-appearance/Non-availability of the customer on the date of the coaching session as per the stipulated reporting time. However, with a prior notice of 3 days, the date can be pre-poned/post-poned. This depends of the availability of the Coach.
2. Customer would be charged 25% of the value as a cancellation fee if the order is cancelled before 7 days from the date of the Experience.
3. Customer would be charged 50% of the value as a cancellation fee if the order is cancelled between 7 to 3 days (both inclusive) from the date of the Experience.
4. No refunds would be provided for cancellation made less than 3 days from the date of the Experience.