Power yoga and a q&a session with & curated by sanjjanaa galrani!!

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Meet & Greet the gorgeous South-Indian actress, Sanjjanaa Galrani, and have an opportunity to perform a Power Yoga session with her at her very own Studio!! To know more, call us on +91-8080 540000.

7000 /-
Valid For: Individual
Location: Bengaluru
Align your Mind, Body & Soul; Strengthen & Tone your body and Embark on this holistic journey to self-betterment with Sanjjanaa Galrani.

Sanjjanaa, originally known by the name of Archana Galrani, is one of the prestigious names in Indian film industry. Born with outstanding acting skills, she gave her first appearance in a Kannada film, Ganda Hendathi. Appearing in over 60 television advertisements, the name Sanjjanna is well known across the Southern continent.

Uber Dreams, along with Sanjjanaa Galrani's Akshar Power Yoga Academy, brings a once-in-a life time opportunity to meet this stunningly beautiful, South-Indian actress in person.

On 21st of June 2017, Clients will have the opportunity to Meet & Greet Sanjjanaa at Akshar Power Yoga Academy at the Kormangala branch in Bangalore exclusively. Her passion stems from her belief that yoga is the new way of life. This Yoga & Wellness session is designed for you to learn, understand and move on to the next level of staying healthy, evolvement and personality development.

Details of the Experience:
Two hour Yoga session:
The Yoga program is designed in such a way that even people who are taking part in such a program for the first time, will feel connected to it.
Diet & Wellness:
30 minutes interaction Q&A with the audience and talks on healthier lifestyle choices for the whole family.

For any other queries, please call us on +91 8080 54000 or send an email to care@uberdreams.com.
1. This Experience is valid for 1 persons only in Bangalore on 3rd July 2017. 
2. The Customer will have to reach the location of the event on their own.
3. The Experience cannot be resold or re-auctioned.
4. We expect all Customers to conduct themselves appropriately when attending this event. Polite manners and respect for the Celebrity and adherence to any rules or parameters as would be suggested during the event are a must.
5. Any sort of misbehavior, indiscipline or any act by the Customer which leads to disruption in the conducted session would lead to immediate cancellation of all privileges for the Customer. No refunds would be provided in this case to the Activity Subscriber.
6. Participating Customers may be subjected to KYC and background checks as per the Company's discretion.
1. Once the payment is received and the bookings are done, no refunds would be given if the Customer cancels the booking.
2. In case of a cancellation of the event due to unforeseeable circumstances, a 100% refund would be provided to the Customer.