Get your dream outfit - tailored, designed & curated by bose cut!!

Quick Overview

“Be Remembered, Not Noticed” - This is Bose Cut's MOTTO!! Karnataka's latest fashion line, in association with Uber Dreams, will now tailor make your Dream outfit!! To order your Dream outfit, click on the "Enquire Now" option below or call us on +91 8080 5400.

Valid For: Individual
Location: All locations in India
An outfit you are looking for but not able to find any store? Any design by a famous designer which you cannot afford to buy?Bose Cut helps you get that same outfit by manufacturing it specially for you.

Customers can customize the outfit with their choice of fabric, design and art work. Be the sole owner of your Dream outfit. Bose Cut wants all the clients to “Be Remembered, Not Noticed”!!

Details of the Experience:
1. The Bose Cut Fashion Designer Team will contact the Customer and understand the requirements of the Client.
2. A Virtual meeting will also be set with a Fashion Stylist to understand the Customer completely. As much as possible, everything will be done over telephone calls, emails, virtual calls to avoid inconveniences caused to the Customer. However, if the Customer wishes to visit the store, they are welcome to.
3. A rough draft of the design would be made and a quotation would be given to the Customer. The Customer can add their own inputs too.
4. The Team will then go out to import material and accessories required for the Dream outfit.
5. Once the outfit is made, it will be shipped to the Customers address.
6. If there is any alteration required, the first time will be complimentary. The agent will collect the outfit from the Customers location (anywhere in India). The Customer will have to give details for the alterations.
7. Once shipped back to the Customer, if there is any further alterations required, the shipping charges to and from Bose Cut will be bourne by the Customer. 

Profile: Sweta Bose (Founder - Bose Cut):
With years of experience as a software engineer and post graduate in Computer Applications, Sweta comes always had an eye for detail and loved fashion.
Her passion for sketching, painting & creativity, since her early childhood is what let her to create her own Fashion Line.

Profile: Bose Cut (
Formed in June 2016 and the first collection being launched in August of the same year, Bose Cut has taken over the Karnataka Market with huge strides.
The first project, being a huge success, was when Sweta Bose was responsible for being the Wardrode Designer for the up-coming movie Khamoshi, starring Tamanna Bhatiya, Prabu Deva, Bhumika Chawla and Sanjay Suri.
Bose Cut was a huge hit at the Bangalore Fashion Week 2017. Creating a unique collection "Switch", models were able to facilitate a change in the look of a single outfit. The collection presented the concept of convertibles, where it can be altered to add a new look to the existing outfit.
1. The Customer would need to place an enquiry using the "Enquire Now" option or call us on +91 8080 540000 to set up a FREE consultation appointment with the Personal Designer.
2. The Expert would interact with the Customer over the telephone, emails and virtual calls to avoid inconveniences of travel. However, if a meeting in person is required, the Customer would have to visit the Designer.
3. A virtual meet with a Personal Stylist to give the customer expert insights and recommendations for the clothing would also be arranged. This would be included in the price.
4. Customizations can be suggested by the customers to the Stylist & Construction experts.
5. Once the required attire has been selected, the Designer would give the quotation of the Experience. The customer would have to make the necessary payment on
6. On successful receipt of payment, the Fashion Designer Team would start the execution of the outfit.
7. The customized, personalized, bespoke garment would be delivered within 10-15 working days!
1. A Cancellation charge of 30% of the value will be deducted if the customer cancels during the Design phase.

2. No refund will be given for cancellations made during the Construction phase.